"Process Excellence"

About us

Excenter management consulting and high professional training company comes from years of experience developed in various sectors of industry and services. Our mission is to offer qualified consulting services in the management and process optimization both for products and services.
We offer a customized approach to private companies and public entities. We have developed our experience and modeled well known methodologies in term of Operational Excellence, Business Strategy, Planning, Organization, Efficiency, Start-up Enterprise, Development and Corporate restructuring.
Our expertise goes through analysis, methodology, engineering and improvement of processes, products or services. Operational excellence is our target and considers "excellence as essence of the business" not just as a goal to be pursued, but as a determined commitment for continuous improvements. The network of our professionals, highly trained and experienced, has been operating nationally and internationally, in collaboration with the most reliable organizations and consultancy companies.
We have achieved many successes thanks to our determination, deep enthusiasm and the continuous search for improvement with whom we have won our professional challenges.
We have "pulled" and involved our customers in the design and implementation of customized Excellence models, aligned with the specific requirements of each business.
"Excellence is the essence of the business" is the slogan that represents our mindset and is the brand with which we present our work, the goal to be pursued together with our customers.
Our company is based in Florence and we work globally.

Our mission

Increase the “added value” of our Customers by promoting the '"Excellence" as an universally applicable model for the management of processes and the supply of services.“Excellence at the center" will allows us and our partner to achieve the following benefits:

  • The optimization and streamline of processes
  • Process wastes and losses reduction
  • Measurement definition and performances optimization
  • The improvement of the service and quality provided to customers
  • The reduction of company costs

Why Excenter

We want to offer to our Customers not only an effective support for the solution of problems, but also a designed support in the development of their methodological model for continuous improvement organization and execution. We want to start a journey with you in a step by step approach towards process excellence providing all our know-how and our whole experience.

We want to be partner of our Customers by developing ideas of excellence, talents and projects achieving ambitious goals.
We offer fully customized consulting activity and training, "tailor-made" according to the real needs of your organizations.
"We need you", your experience, your teams in order to draw the best and appropriate solution. "You need us", our team in order to bring experiences and methods into your model, growing together.